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Elayne was recommended to me by a mutual acquaintance when I recently required the services of an employment law attorney. I was extremely pleased with her work and found her to be professional, knowledgeable, honest and responsive. I felt that Elayne related to me on a personal level rather than just as a client and, as such, I was confident that she always had my best interests at heart. I am grateful for her assistance through a difficult process that resulted in a positive outcome.

~ Susan Earls

Elayne Alanis stepped into my life during my darkest hour. Dealing with a straight forward case would be easy for any lawyer. But to handle a rather unusual scenario, you want the best and the brightest to be on your side. Elayne allowed me a graceful exit from a place where I’d faithfully spent close to 13 years. Elayne’s remarkable acumen in legal matters speaks for itself but she doesn’t stop there. Elayne understands the grift nature of human thought process, she understands human psychology, she is gifted in so many ways that enable her to maneuver through a complex case with such ease while making sure that her clients are feeling at ease with the individual parts of the process moving forward.

Working with Elayne, you just know that you are in good hands and that she is going to take good care of you and that she will work her heart out for the best and the most fair outcome. Elayne made herself available to me 24/7! I could call her at 6 AM on a weekday or a Saturday late evening. Regardless of the time or the circumstances warranted my call, she would answer the phone with the same reassuring tone that all is going to work out and that we are going to be fine.

Elayne left no e-mail unanswered, or a phone message for that matter. Always promptly, always with reassurance.

If you are looking for a “one size fits all” kind of service, there are tens of lawyers out there. But if you are looking for that one special human being who will turn a painful journey into a fascinating legal masterpiece, you want Elayne to be on your side. Elayne felt my pain, she lived it with me, she would never admit this but she made a lot of sacrifices in her personal life in order to make herself available to me throughout my journey. I hope your rights are never violated but if they are, you want three things to be on your side to fight to protect them from any violations: God, your family/close friends; and Elayne Alanis. And the rest will work out.

~ Gamze Menali

“Elayne has a unique background in sales and sales management that serves her and her customers well in dispute resolutions. These skills, when paired with her legal acumen, equip her well at trying for a negotiated settlement that may well be preferable to bringing suit. In my case she was very sensitive to do the right thing for me. I was very pleased with her work and contribution to a favorable outcome.”

~ Thomas Beauchene

“I first met Elayne 18 years ago when we both served on the leadership team of a Boston area firm. She was the Sales Director and I was the HR Director. I was always impressed with Elayne’s knowledge of the competitive marketplace, her detailed understanding of company operations, and her ability to generate business in a difficult sales environment. Recently, I encountered the need for an attorney, and since Elayne had changed careers with passing the Massachusetts bar exam, I contacted her for assistance. As I expected, Elayne was very effective in handling a difficult case. If you engage Elayne’s services, you can expect the support of a very knowledgeable, high energy, dedicated, and honest professional that will work tirelessly to successfully resolve your legal issue.”

~ Joseph Skirchak

“I have known Elayne Alanis for 17 years. I worked for her when she was Sales Director and have the utmost respect for her. My time working for Elayne was the best experience in my 20 year sales career. She is fair, knowledgeable and always fought for her people when needed. It did not surprise me that she moved on to become an attorney because she has the skills to be the best. I needed the services of an attorney and contacted Elayne immediately. She took my case and handled it perfectly, just as I expected and then some. She went up against attorneys with more years experience and was brilliant.”

~ Sandra Hession

“I was in need of an attorney who was well-versed in employment law during the fall of 2005. Elayne Alanis was recommended by a former client. Unlike some attorneys, she is not deterred by the size of an institution. Her positive attitude, competence, compassion, integrity, knowledge, life experience, and incredible persistence led to a very successful outcome. Elayne is an amazing person who changed my life for the better, and I highly recommend her.”

~ Robert L. Groezinger

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